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Mom accuses me of eating a whole bag of mini donuts, I had two (they're so small that two either count as one regular donut or less then a regular donut). I said I had two, she calls me a liar. I again say I had too and she calls me a "fat liar". Yeah I'm fat, I get depressed: I eat and mom has been making me feel so bad lately so I"ve been eating more.
Anyway I go in there and pour them all on a plate and count them. Then I point to the number on the box and, gee whiz, I had two! Her: "I guess you did" and walks away. No "I'm sorry I called you a liar Sara."..or "I'm sorry I called you a 'fat liar' Sara." Nothing
Shouldn't be surprised, she's been doing this all my life.
: She accused me of buying another bag and putting two extra in. How low...

I gained 10 pounds since October, making me gain back 10 of the 20 that I lost since my diet. Why? I've been breaking my diet, eating my comfort foods lately and then mom yells at me when I have to take my jeans out that I put away (the larger jeans). Yeah I need them because I'm wider! You calling me all sorts of names doesn't help me!

I guess it isn't her fault I'm eating more. Depression causes me to eat more and she's making me depressed but I need more self control.

Thus ends my self pity post.

I'll post about the rest of my vacation later or tomorrow, I just really don't feel like it right now.

So this isn't all pathetic here's some stuff I'm looking forward to:
Seeing Monsie in Arizona
Getting my lovely Kyle doll from Ebay (yay Kyle)
Seeing Ben (and Dayna) during Spring Break
Getting my Canon Rebel back from Canon all nice and fixed
Gettinga new Canon Rebel XTI after the holidays
Trying out my new Canon lens
Tags: depression, mom, random, weight issues
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