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Vacation Post I: About Time ;D

Sorry it's taken so long to update but I just didn't feel up to typing up a long post, I've been a bit down this week. Might post about that later but for now I'll focus on my vacation.

The drive up was kinda bad. Mom forgot which freeway to take and I reminded her that it was the interstate 5 but she thought the 90, so we took the 90. Both go to Tahoe but one is a freeway and one is a highway. We ended up in rush hour Sacramento traffic (which we would have got with the 5 as well). It actually took two hours longer then it should have to get to the hotel outside Sacramento. I didn't get any sleep the night before because of the camera issues. I took a quick snooze on the couch but only got a hour and a half sleep. Unfortunately I was wired on the drive up, I always am on trips. About a hour or two before we reached our destination I crashed and was in that half sleep the rest of the way. You know, the kind of sleep that any little noise can wake you up? Yeah, that one :B
I did a post about this though from the hotel so I'll just skip over to the next day. Let me say though, if you ever stay in Rancho Cordova (right outside Sacramento), stay at the Hyatt, the room was brilliant!

The next day we headed headed out to Tahoe, about two and a half hours of mountain roads. I'm not comfortable with mountain roads sadly, I'm very nervous. I have a tiny fear of heights (from cars, heh) but it really wasn't that. I think I just have a bad fear of falling or crashing or something. I was gripping the door handle thing (that thing you hold on to) quite a bit even though I know mom can do that drive. It was bad enough with guard rails and walls but when we drove about a foot from the edge with nothing separating us I had to close my eyes. I'm okay in tall building, planes, mountain roads when you pull over for's just driving up high that bothers me. I might be alright if I did the driving, at least I know how much gas I'm giving or whatever. I wonder what's up with this issue of mine....
Let me mention here that I'm going to insert photos from the trip in various points along this post to make it kinda like a picture book. These photos won't be behind the cut with the others I post. So if you see the text link thing like this, click it! Oh, that was a cute car we saw a hour into the drive :D

So anyway, after some scary but not dangerous mountain driving we came around the next bend to a beautiful sight. A half hour later we got to the hotel but we couldn't check in until 2 and it was only 11:30ish. When we got out of the car we were hit by a blast of icy was great! xD
So we drove to Emerald Bay to pass the time. Emerald Bay is beautiful and extremely deep! My hands were frozen so I had to go back to the car to get my gloves so I could take more pictures. That kind of defeated the purpose since I needed to take the gloves off to take the pictures! Later we got some gloves where the fingers come off (those are spiffy!). After that we headed back to town and had some lunch at one of the local diners. We then checked into the was nothing special. There was smoking allowed on the ground floor which sucked and we had to walk a long ways from the main hotel to the smaller building where our room was. Thankfully it was connected by a hallway. It was funny, I glanced out the window and saw that the wading pool was completely frozen xD
Well anyway, the room kinda sucked. The view was of the parking lot and the windows weren't even weather proof. You go near it and even closed, you got the cold seeping in. The television reception was bad and we don't have tv so I use vacations to watch stuff (at night of course). After relaxing for a few minutes we decided to go to Carson City and just drive around a little. It was Thanksgiving so not much was open but that's alright since we were there to see the city itself and it's old west history (well, that's why I wanted to go there). We couldn't find it though, later we found out it was Virginia City which was right there...we just missed it.

Later that night we had Thanksgiving dinner at the hotel's restaurant. The hotel itself kinda sucks but the restaurants were great! Excellent service and delicious food! We both had the Thanksgiving special and the turkey was fab! The pie was good too, I'm not a fan of pie crust (unless it's chocolate pie crust) but the crust on the apple pie was good! After that I gambled for the first time. I was super bummed that the slot machines with the handle you pull wasn't there. It's all buttons now, sad! I won $15 on an Indiana Jones slot machine (hehe) but then lost it all since I was still figuring it out. I won it back though so I was happy.
When we were back in the room I watched some Leno and O'Brian (yay!) and South Park! The hotel doesn't have Comedy Central but it was on FX so I was a happy panda :D

I'll post about the next day later...hopefully Friday (tomorrow)! For now here's photos from the first day in Tahoe (Thanksgiving day)


On the way to Emerald Bay. I squealed when I saw the natural snow ;p

Taken from the car obviously

Emerald Bay. There is a house on this little island. The water was even more blue then in the picture! Lake Tahoe is "the Jewel of the Sierra Nevada's" :D

Desert below

One side of the hill going to Carson City...

The other side of that hill...lovely desert!

First view of Carson City (and a guard rail P:)

The Governor's Mansion. I would have taken a better photo but mom didn't want to stop driving

An adorable historic pink house!

I'm not a fan of pink but I'd live there! Look at the mailbox!

A gazebo!

I was very surprised at how much Tahoe grew since I was last there in the summer of 2000. It was a tourist getaway then but now it's even more so! A lot of new hotels popping up and a huge shopping center. The only good thing about that shopping center is that it had the mountain feel, the building were wood and stone. It's not overdone yet but I'm scared that Tahoe will lose it's tranquil state in a few years :\

More photos and more on the vacation later!
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