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A post!

It seems this hotel as a computer room in which I can do internet things! That's sweet because I haven't gotten around to installing the modem back on mom's laptop. Speaking of, since I was cracked out on sleep I installed the software so her computer is back up. Didn't get a 'thank you' though. Ah well, no big deal really.
I am cracked out on lack of sleep. I went to sleep on the living room couch this morning around 7ish and then had to get up at 8:30ish so I get a hour sleep. Ugh!
Then I was too wired to really sleep on the drive up here, plus I did a little driving myself. Around 5pm I started to crash and fell into that half sleep where things like a sharp swerve of the car or a text message (from Monsie) would jerk me awake.
We had dinner so I'm awake right now. I'm going to stay up to at least watch South Park and then maybe I'll die. We're right outside of Sacramento, tomorrow we'll do the two hour drive to South Lake Tahoe. I'm looking at the snow depth and it's not much, about 0.5 at a higher elevation. I don't care, I'm going! Snow is snow! :)

Oh, the drive up here was long. Traffic sucked and it took two hours longer then usual.

I might post again this weekend, depending on if the hotel in Tahoe has internet :)

Tags: sleep issues, tahoe vacation, vacations
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