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My big Canon won't work!!! It says "Error 99" whenever I try to take a photo, I am pissed off. I just got a lens for it to use on this trip and it doesn't work!?!?

Ugh, no sleep for me. I'm going to stay up and fix this camera! I can sleep on the ride (until lunch).


After reading it bit it seems that any lens other then a Canon will mess my camera up. That's messed up. I can't use this lens and have to return it and now my camera is dead! I tried using my default lens...nope! UGH! I'm so mad >:O

Edit Pt 2
Ok I called Canon support. None of their help worked, I have to send the stupid thing to the factory (in Irvine). It's coincidence that it stopped working after my new lens. I'm so angry. I wouldn't care if it were any other time but I'm going to Tahoe today! I wanted my best camera for this! I have my little Powershot and I love it but I want my big mama camera!

:( :( :(
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