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a long post :P

A couple of things have been going on this week.

Mom has been terrible to me the past week or so. For example, I went to Best Buy to pick her computer up at the Geek Squad. They had to send it to HP to be fixed and when I brought it home, it still wasn't working! So mom started shrieking at me, saying how it's my fault for not checking at Best Buy or whatever. She would call Best Buy and then HP and while on hold she would throw stuff on the floor or at me; her keys, my purse (with my iPod in it!), a book...
Thank god we're going away for a few days. She is rarely ever like this when we're on vacation so I'll get a break for a few days.
I don't know how much more I can take of that though. Not only is she acting like that but she's also started putting me down again. We were at Target and I saw some South Park PJ bottoms that didn't come in my size. If I lost a few pounds they would fit me though so I got them.
Me: "This way I have an extra incentive to lose weight and I might work even harder at it!"
Mom: "Yeah, like you work at everything else."

She also calls me names like 'selfish little bitch' and 'pig'. I'm used to it but that's the point isn't it? I shouldn't have to be used to such treatment from my own mother. Why would she treat me like this? I try to do my share around the house and I run errands for her. I'm coming to her office to help around the place and I'm getting good grades in my classes, plus I'm still looking for a job. I try my best but she still treats me like I'm this terrible person, I don't know if I can take much more of it.

Well, that's enough of that, on to some better stuff.

I bought my airfare and got my hotel room for Arizona. I'll be there from the 30th of December to the 3rd of January. I'm so excited, we're going to the Grand Canyon, hopefully Meteor Crater, and we're just going to hang out (and bake!).
My family is coming in during Spring Break and I'm excited to see them. Hopefully I'll get to talk to him before then though, maybe during Winter Break!

We're heading to Tahoe tomorrow..well, today actually. We're going to drive just past Sacramento and stay the night. Then on Thursday we'll head to Tahoe. It's in the 40s during the day and around 20 at night so it'll be nice and cold. There's no snow at the elevation we're staying at but there's snow higher up so I'm going to go there and be a happy snow bunny. I found my snow boots and I got a spiffy new hat.

Playbill said that Equus is going to run from September 25th to the 8th of February so I'm aiming to go (with Monsie hopefully) during Winter Break. It'll be great, go to Central Park and look at the sparkly snow, see the Christmas tree, and freeze my arse off at the stage door waiting for Radcakes :D

Next summer we're most likely going to go to Yellowstone instead of Washington DC. I've been to DC but never Yellowstone (gasp). We're probably going to drive and then go to Zion and Bryce Canyon. If I had to choose one of the two though, I'd rather visit Bryce :)
We'll have to give ourselves about two weeks to do this but it'll be worth it. I'm so excited for that!

I went to a job fair at Barnes & Noble...hopefully that'll help me find a job!

Ok, now I have a rant. Granted, it's South Park related but...yeah, I think it's a good rant (if rants can be good).
What the flip is up with there being a million Cartman things to buy and maybe 5 Kyle things!? I don't understand it! Why is Cartman so popular? He is so overrated! He's a racist, Jew hating, sociopath who has no redeeming qualities. I liked him in the early seasons (up to season 3) but beyond that he is just too extreme! Why do the majority of SP fans love him so much!? Where's the Kyle love!? The Stan love!? Kenny seems to be the second most popular of the four boys and while I do like Kenny he is a visual gag! He does get some time where he's more then a prop but basically he's just there for laughs. Kyle and Stan though, they are the boys with morals and ethics. They are good kids, why don't they get any love!? It baffles my mind. I saw four Cartman keychains and one Kyle! I'm sad that I can't find anything Kyle related, he's the smart kid! Stan doesn't get much love either..he's my second favorite. Hell, Towelie gets more love then those two and he SUCKS. It's also strange because everybody I know that likes the show likes those two boys the most. Bah humbug, I want a Kyle product (and Stan).
Two of my friends did get me some SP Chanukah presents though. One friend got me a white WWBBD shirt and my other friend got me a long sleeved shirt and a hoodie! The shirt has Manbearpig on it (woot!) and the hoodie is another WWBBD ;D

Poor Dennis Quaid
His two newborn twins were overdosed on Heperin. They were to get 10 units but got 10,000 and it's been revealed that there's been at least 13 other cases of this. Ceders Sinia pisses me off, I hate them. They are supposed to be one of the best hospitals in the country, that's complete BS! They have all these statues and fancy paintings all over the wall but they can't be bothered to bring in updated medical equipment! They had my father sit in the waiting room and fill out paperwork when he was coughing up blood! Not a little blood either, a lot of blood! I fully believe that Dad might have pulled through if they took him (the ER was also fairly empty at the time he went in). When the doctor told us he was dead he then said "we won't know for sure what killed him unless we perform an autopsy."
The Rabbi that was with us informed him that Jews don't do that to which the doctor replied with "Then you won't know what killed him. You need to do this autopsy."
I know he said some other stuff but I was basically zoned out during all of that.
We know a man who's wife is in the hospital. She was having a difficult pregnancy and needed to be in a special room for when she had her babies. She was...
a. overdosed on the drug she needed to take and
b. when her heart stopped beating they didn't know because the heart monitor was messed up.
So she was in a coma for months because of that. Her little daughters were raised by their father alone while their mother was in a coma. She recently woke up but she can barely function. It's been nearly 2 years since this happened.
Oh and guess what? My brother's wife wants to have her child at Ceders. She quit her original doctor two months before her due date and decided to go with Ceders! She decided she doesn't trust the doctors at Kaiser (I love Kaiser). Mom told Adam what happened with the Quaid babies and the others and he snapped at her! Told her not to try to change their mind and got mad at her! WTF!? There's been a case of 13 dangerous situation with newborns and he wants to risk his son when he could go to Kaiser?! What a complete asshole!

I had a dream that I took a helicopter to DC and then proceeded to nag Bush while wagging my finger :P
It been so foggy lately. I live across the street from a school and I couldn't see past the fence! Heh, I know it could be foggier but I love it. It smells so nice :B

Hmmm, what else? I guess that's it.

I'll most likely be gone until Monday, Sunday night at the earliest.

I took it with my new cell phone! I love that hat :B

PS--Did I mention I got a new lens for my camera? It's not my dream lens but I'm happy with it :D

16 weeks and 19 hours until season 12.
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