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A list update!

Things to do before then end of the week
~Buy plane tickets to Arizona
~Get winter clothes
~Buy cat food for Little Shit (aka: Neville ;p)
~Pay car insurance
~Figure out car rental stuff
~Finish holiday shopping
~Finish big report due one week from Tuesday
~Talk to Trendwest (our time share) about NYC hotels and also Washington DC

Update List!
~I went to a retirement party for one of my dad's co-workers. The current and previous mayor both spoke. The current mayor (who my family dislikes personally) spoke and has his political face on. Can't you take it off to talk about somebody you were the boss of? The last mayor, James Hahn also spoke since he was also a previous boss (of my dad's too). His political face was off and he stopped by our table to say hello to us. He spoke at my father's funeral (he was Mayor at the time). He's such a nice guy and he was a good mayor.
~Went to Borders after because somebody from the Peace Corps was there talking.
~Still wracking my brain on some people's holidays gift. Bah!
~What would Brian Boitano do?
~Saving up for my NYC trip is going to kick my ass. Airfare, hotel, three Broadway shows, food, transportation, spending money, emergency. It will be insane.
~I'm hungry
~Coffee Bean!
~I need to pick up Coffee Bean stuff for box_of_sorrows
~The Across The Universe soundtrack is wonderful, just like the movie!
~The turtle's name is Shelley because I am lame P:
~Therapy is going alright
~I hope I can get myself a ticket to the President debate on Global Warming next Saturday.
~I'm nearing 230 miles on my car
~I love my car
~I love cake
~I love Lucy!
~The end
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