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I can't wait for Wednesday!!!

Alright this post is just me being a stupid SP fangirl ;)

I am so looking forward to this week's episode!!!

I miss the Stan+Kyle based episodes, so many focus on Cartman (who I'm not a fan of anymore). Cartman used to be he's just an ass. When you get an episode with Kyle and Stan you can't lose, those are the best episodes! 'Cherokee Hair Tampons', 'Cartmanland', 'Smug Alert', 'Super Best Friends', etc etc. :D

So basically I'm really looking forward to the Stan and Kyle parts of this. I'm hoping for some good argument scenes between the two of them, and then hopefully a nice friendship scene where they resolve everything. I just hope both boys get equal air time because I'm a hopeless Kyle fan! Gah, I'm such a loser fangirl XD

This moment of fangirl insanity is brought to you by...

Haha, Kenny likes Dr. Pepper! I do that tongue thing too..P:

While this post is basically a waste of space I may as well mention that I want this shirt!

Alright this was a waste of time wasn't it? I usually wouldn't flail around over an episode not aired (I'd wait until after if it deserves it) but dammit I'm excited for an episode focusing on them!
Ahem ^_^
Tags: fangirl squee!!!, i'm a geek, south park, waste of posting time
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