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A list update

~I absolutely love my new default icon. Went crazy trying to find a screencap of that scene and finally did it myself. Those two are adorable! xD
~Obsessed with that show lately. It's hard to be offended when I've been watching since the series premiere. I find stuff shocking more then offensive. Though I understand how people find it offensive I just can't be offended myself since it's a cartoon show!
~I've discovered the joy of SP fan fiction, it's much more in depth and emotional then the show...probably why I like it! I like looking beyond the inane jokes and trying to find the emotion of an episode...hence why I love the scene with my icon so much! xD
~Mom comes up with such creative ways of blasting me down. I'm used to it, and lately Im more tired then hurt from it.
~I'm going to mom's work after classes to help with filing. Getting paid :D
~I love my car
~I got my car washed the other day and it didn't rain! It was actually supposed to rain, 40% chance and it didn't! Weird!
~Traffic was sooo bad Tuesday! Around 4:30am Tuesday a truck with a crane started to fish tail and it crashed. Sadly, the guy died and there was so much debris, the 405 freeway was closed nearly all day! People were taking surface streets, took 30 minutes longer on my trips! I'm just thankful it happened that early, more people could have lost their lives.
~Spider-Man 3 is out, I'll get it eventually. Peter's emo stage where he's a dancing fool makes me lolz.
~I forgot Alfred Molina was in Species! Sweet!
~Spencer is orange
~Neville is hyper
~Mystery is grouchy
~Heidi is dumb
~Fish are swimmy
~Rats are eye boggling
~I'm very wired and I need to sleep!
~I still haven't made up my mind on where to go for the winter
~I wish I could just take out my eyes, dip them in a cool glass of water, swish them around, and pop them back in
~Spencer hates being an indoor cat. He's obnoxious
~Any of you have any tips on breaking him of the screaming and peeing on the floor while staring at us!?
~Lists are fun
~I want Resident Evil 5! I don't care if it won't be released for a long time, I still want it!
~Lastly, I am saddened by the death of Robert Goulet :(

Alright. If any of you want holiday cards, please email me your address. I have some addresses already but feel free to give them again! :P
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