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A list update

~The fires are horrible. My car is covered in an inch of ash and it's horrible to go outside. I've taken to wearing a white mouth mask. It's just awful.
The fires at a glance
Evacuations from Malibu to Mexico

~Neville has a low immune system called Stonmatitus. He'll be on medication his whole life when he gets a little older. It's not safe to put him on medication for this because of his age but after the first of the year he'll start medication. I wanted to look it up but I just talked to my vet (he's so awesome) who told me there's a lot of misinformation about this online. Great :\

~Today's big essay was due. I think I did well on it but I'm nervous to what grade I'm going to get.

~imonsie is coming to CA!!!! I can't wait to see her *runs in a circle*. I hope the roads are safe, these fires are crazy.

~The only one Voldemort ever feared is gay, how bout them apples? Go Dumbles! :D

~I'm on a Beatles and Depeche Mode kick. I've loved both groups since forever but lately I'm just listening to them, dunno why :P

~Mom can go back to work tomorrow and her stitches are out. She's also finding fault with everything I do, not so unusual but it's awfully tiring.

~I really want to watch JAWS 3 but I can't find my dvd.

~I'm going to have a movie marathon on Halloween. Psycho, Carrie, Halloween, IT (shudder). Anything else? I watched Birds and the Aliens movies recently and I'm not up to watching Friday the 13th. Oh, I'm also going to watch The Exorcist :D

~Rats are plump and healthy.

~I have no idea where to go for winter break. Suggestions?

~I miss Oregon

~Maybe Seattle?

~I'm craving meat, I want a hamburger!

~I lost 6 pounds! :D
Tags: friends, list updates, mom, monsie, neville
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