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An update!!!

It's been quite a while since my last real update hasn't it?
It's been decent since the last post. I've had some job interviews, took two more tests, studying for midterms, and driving around in my car

At the moment I'm taking a break from homework, I'm researching prices to visit DC next summer, going to go there with mom probably. I love DC, I hope we get to go! I really want to go on a little trip this winter, either by car or a very short plane ride. I have a plane ticket I never used that can be used so I can use that. I'd love to go to Oregon for winter but I don't think I will. I'll feel like I'm intruding on their holidays.

I just finished watching The Birds. It's been a few years since I've seen it. A few years, heh, actually it's been more like a decade or something! I forgot how similar the house scene from Signs is to this. I wonder if M Night Shyamalan based it on that part.

I also made the mistake of watching Jaws: The Revenge again. I first saw this movie when I was a child and, as a shark nut, I was angry with the movie. I'm still a shark nut but rather then being pissed off, I was just horrified at this movie. It is just so bad. It isn't the "so bad it's hilarious" type of movie, it's the the "so bad you want to gauge out your eyes with a rusty butter knife" type of bad. For those of you that have never had "the pleasure" of seeing this movie...

THe youngest Brody boy, Sean, became Police Chief of Amity Island after Martin Brody died of a heart attack. One night he goes out and gets killed by a great white shark. The shark tears his limbs off and there's a fountain of blood. Despite the extreme loss of blood and the shock of the torn off limbs, Sean miraculously has the strength to scream his head off when he should be unconscious.
Ellen Brody, the widow of Martin and mother of Sean, goes to the Bahamas to visit her older son Michael. The shark from Amity Island somewhere hears about this and follows the plane to the Bahamas, over 2,000 in like..2 days even though a real shark would take at least a weak to travel that distance. Let's not forget he somehow figured out exactly which island in the Bahamas Ellen was going to go to.
Lots of family drama with a dash of rubber shark and we get to the climax of the movie.
Ellen and some others (her stupid older son included) go out to destroy the shark. The son, Michael, takes these electric doodads that supposedly the shark hates. Before that though, the character that should have been credited as Stereotype Jamaican, gets chomped by the shark right in the stomach and dragged to his watery grave. Before that though he's high up on the boat's mast and the shark lunges out of the water and balances on his tail on the surface of the water like some sort of super Shamu shark! The shark stays on it's tail fin for about 30 seconds before deciding to munch on the walking stereotype.
Then it swims away and Michael starts to charge the electric doodad and pressing the button once in a while. Every time he does that the shark surfaces roaring. Yes, that's right, he roars like a dinosaur. This shark is so advanced! Not only can it balance on it's tail fins and swim backwards but it also roars like a dino! Ellen starts getting flashbacks of scenes she wasn't even around for (Martin killing the shark in his 'smile you son-of-a-bitch glory and Sean's blood bath). She decides to impale the shark on the bow of the boat and because of this, the shark explodes! But before that the shark has to throw in one more tail balancing roar.
Yes my friends, this was Jaws 4. I watched it again and I was sorely tempted to bleach my brain.
I'd rather watch Orca again then this and I absolutely despise that movie.

Anyway, enough of that. I think I've lost some weight in my face. I just joined a gym last week and I've cut back on red meats like I might have mentioned before. I've also cut back on carbs, starches, and sugars. Not cut off completely, just cut my intake of those in half. I also mostly drink water, raw juice from our juicer, and my diet Dr. Pepper :P
I took a few photos of myself, I'll put links up.
here's one
the last one and my favorite
I was in an artsy mood so these photo reflect that. I gotta say, black and white makes anybody look classy! So yeah, the last picture is my favorite. I actually think I look, dare I say it, pretty in that picture ;)

Spencer's such a big boy. He's 14 pounds and he's very solid. Just a little belly but the rest if kitty muscle.

I love Neville, he's such a squishy fuzzy boy.

He is so gorgeous, he's going be so stunning when he's fully grown. I think he has some turkish angora in him. His hair is bunny soft like an angora, he has the basic facial structure of the breed, and he's very friendly like the breed. Oh he isn't pure bred of course, I just think he has some turkish angora in him :)

One more. :)

I really love my car, it's so awesome! I haven't had to get gas for it yet which makes me happy. The fact that I can push the button on my keys and find my car in a crowded parking lot (the lights flash) makes me all giddy. I don't care if that's common, I still love it xD

I miss my cousin. I still haven't been able to talk with him since July. However, he did text me the other night! I was playing my video game (Parasite Eve II) and I heard his ring tone go off (Wicked). I throw my controls, dash to my room, trip over the cat, and fly to the phone only to find out it was just a text. I was over the moon for a few minutes hearing from him. Hopefully his schedule will calm down and we can have a nice long talk.

My sister-in-law's mother thinks I'm strange for not being all excited over being an aunt. I'm not excited but it's not like I'm dreading it. I'm looking forward to when the kids old enough where I can introduce him to the wonderful world of books. I'm hoping it's actually his parents that do that but neither one reads unless needed so I dunno. Hopefully they'll realize that they need to expose the kid to books otherwise it would turn out like them. All I do know is that I have the exclusive right to getting the kid the Potter books and reading them to him. What age is good to introduce the series? The first two are fanciful and not as complex so for them....6? I do know what my first presents to the child will be though, I already bought the stuff. Well I didn't buy the stuffed animal yet because nothing caught my eye but I did get Shel Silverstein books, Where The Sidewalk Ends, The Light In The CLoset and of course The Giving Tree. Never too young to get read these books! :D

I have a couple more job interviews this week. I'm really hoping something works out, it's nearly the holiday season!

Classes are good, I'm getting mostly As in the classes with a few scattered Bs, weee!

Oh, I can't believe I nearly forgot this. My mom went to get surgery on her nose Tuesday. She had, I think, a deviated septum that caused her problems her whole life. It only got worse so it was hard for her to breathe through her nose. She got surgery done on it and still has the bandage over it. She should be able to go to work Monday though.

Alright, I guess that's enough.

Time to sleep!
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