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So I'm home! When traffic is bad on Pico (a major street I use a lot), I turn onto Rexford which turns into Cashio, that takes me home. I can't take Rexford anymore, at least not that part. There's two horrid dips that made my front fender go "crunk!". I went under speed limit on those because I know they're bad, but I went even slower on the second one. Still happened! You can't see anything and it didn't damage the car, basically the bottom of the fender, where you can't see it, touched the street. My car is low, that's why. So I have to be patient with traffic and wait until Beverly Drive from now on. Sadness! I nearly cried when I heard the noise but decided to save any tears until I could check to see if there was damage, none :P
Also, somebody nearly hit my car when I was pulling out of my space at school! I was pulling out slowly because the car in the space next to me was a Ford Explorer and was blocking my view. Somebody was going 20 in the lot when it's a 5 mile zone! Nearly rammed me! I got acquainted with my horn, jerk >:O
I need to get a wheel cover, my wheel is dark and captured the sun so I had to deal with a hot wheel. I'll go to Pep Boys to get one, also get some other stuff for my car. I got a cord last night to hook my iPod up to the auxiliary port in the car, the sound quality is amazing! My mom drove my car last night, she was bouncing and twitching so I let her. She's jealous haha. She llikes my car more then hers because of the features. She drives a 2003 Honda CR-V. Mom wanted to buy herself a new car and sell me hers. No thanks. I love her car, it drives well and such but I didn't want a SUV. Even a SUV that is better on gas then it's counterparts. My car gets great gas mileage. She keeps complaining that I had a 6 CD-changer and she only has one CD. It's silly, I don't even need a 6 CD-changer! I don't buy music CDs anymore. The only CDs I get are DVD, blanks, and games. Oh I'll store some of my old CDs in the space for it and use them, but I'd rather have a built in navigational system then that. The car that came with the navigational system is cool! It's touch and voice operated and really cool! I didn't get though, saved me $2,000.

Now I'm enjoying a cold glass of Trader Joes juice, Sir Strawberry. Soooo good! I love this song, thank you flavored_glass for introducing me to this song! :D

Photos of Neville and Spencer coming later! :D
Tags: car, mom, stupid people
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