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I can't wait for Sunday! I'm going to Honda to pay for the car. Mom had to wait one or two days before being able to come back for the CR-V so that might happen again.
I'm going to treat myself to a vanity plate and I'm also going to get the ocean conservation CA plate instead of the default CA plate. I have a few ideas roaming in my head for the number, I have to make up my mind.
I might get a GPS later on. Right now I don't need it because everywhere I drive I know fairly well. My eyesight is pretty damn bad. Not bad enough where I can't drive but I can't see street signs (the signs that say like..Main St., I can see speed limit signs and other alert signs). So unless I know where to turn I usually miss my turn because by the time I can read the sign I'm in the intersection. At the moment I'm only driving to therapy, school, mom's work, and places I know but later on I might need a GPS for this reason.

Yay car!
Tags: cars, eyesight problems
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