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No school today!!!

But I have homework! :P

I'm trying to go more green. I'm doing a decent job at being Earth friendly but I can do better! I cut my meat intake in half, not only for the Earth but also for my health. Eventually I hope to become a vegatarian but for the moment I'm happy with the little bit of meat I've been taking in.
I'm looking into only Earth friendly cars. Not just hybrids, I do want to keep my options open, but gas cars that get a lot of milage for the gas you put in and low fuel emissions. I've narrowed my list down. I've been recycling since I was a child, I take cloth bags to the market (when I shop, mom doesn't bother) so I don't get paper or plastic. If I have children I plan on using cloth diapers :P
I use Earth friendly rat bedding and cat litter and I'm making Spencer an indoor cat. That will be a pain in the ass since he loves going outside and he's vocal about it but he will eventually be completely indoor!

Point of this post?

this or this!
xD xD xD
They're cute and nifty! I shall be getting one.

I need an eco icon :P
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