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Car Shopping Day 2

I was running late this morning but surprisingly I got to classes on time! I got an A on my test and an A on my essay!!! GKDSGHSJKLGHKSKJ!!!
Ahem. Heh, for cultural anthropology we have term projects where we have to do an oral or written presentation on something about our own culture. It doesn't have to be..for example, a paper on my religion. It could be on belly dancing if you're very much into it. I had an idea with mine and ran it through the professor, she okayed it :D
Harry Potter! It's such a huge culture, people around the world know the name and it has changed my life. So that's my topic and I'm going to do an oral presentation so I can show off the two fan art commissions I have (with full credit to the artists of course) and I might play a Wizard Rock song :B
I'm excited! It helps that the teacher was all for it, she's a fan too x)

Anyway, after class was the first Anthropology Club meeting. Elections and such. I'm rubbish at math so I didn't want to be treasurer. I was elected secretary, heh alrighty! Good to pad my resume! At least it's a club with a subject I enjoy (it's my major!). We're going to be going on little outings, maybe to restaurants to try different foods, museums, etc. The teacher is trying to put an archaeological adventure together to Belize! That won't happen anytime soon but if she does, I am so signing up!!

After school I went home to get mom and then we went to look at more cars, this time Honda and Toyota. Toyota guy was a jerk, made me feel like an idiot D:
I test drove the's alright. Not too impressed. Oh, I'm impressed with how nice it is on the planet but I didn't like how it drove so that's off my list. Same with the Yaris, heck it was actually uncomfortable for me so that's out. So I think I ruled out Toyota.
After Toyota was Honda. We didn't know that to test drive you need to make an appointment. Alright, I'll make one and test the cars out later this week. I'm looking into the Fit, Civic, and Civic Hybrid. I was very impressed with the hybrid. I really hope I like how it handles because I can see myself with the Civic Hybrid. I also have to test drive the Mini Cooper so I'll probably make an appointment with Honda and the Mini people for the same day.

Vet tomorrow for all the pets (not including rats). Joy, shots for the dog and cats and checkup for all. Neville doesn't need his shots thankfully. Oy vey, I need to change litter. I got that wheat litter which is great for the environment but it's crap. It's stinky, clings to the box, attracts bugs, and makes Neville smell. This is where it's freshly scooped too! I picked up Yesterday's News :P

Damn weather, make up your mind! Stupid weather. *growl*
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