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Spencer and Neville are having a meowing contest...Spencer's winning

My mom and I went to look at cars today. I narrowed it down to three cars (surprisingly the Honda Fit isn't on that list).
The Ford Focus, Ford Fusion, and Mini Cooper (yes, lolz)

All three cars are really great on gas, roomy inside (Mini being the roomiest actually), they all have good accident reports, and they're all decently priced. The Fusion and Cooper run roughly the same price while the Focus is a bit cheaper.
I'm looking at the Mini book and the front passenger seat is called the 'co-pilot' seat, what is it, a plane!? Cute xD

I'm making a list of pros and cons of each car. A con on the Mini is that it's a German car. I don't have any bad thoughts on that but a lot of my mom's side of the family and family friends think that buying a German car is kinda like supporting Nazis. Wtf right? It's unfortunate that Minis aren't British cars anymore but that's the fact. I don't like the car because of the name, I like the car because it's a good car. Heh, helps that it's so adorable. It doesn't look a thing like the original Mini, I don't compare it to the original which was also a great car. It's a German car but it's a good car so I can't let their prejudice blind me from my decision. Hopefully they'll give me shit for only a brief time.
Heh, another con on the Mini is that it is owned by Mercedes-Benz so in my mind that equals luxury car. It's a decently priced car and the Ford Fusion is actually higher up on the luxury scale, it's just my mind frame :P
Not gonna let that blind me either! I'll get the car I like the most :B
All three cars are in the $20,000-$24,000 range.

I'm thankful that I can afford these cars. My grandmother left me a nice sum of cash that I'll have a nice amount over from buying the car. The rest will be put into savings and I will make the money work for me :)
I should mention that I'm not limiting myself to those three, I'm still looking. Those are the three I limited myself for today's browsing. I need to look into some hybrids..the Prius is kinda scary, Terminator car! Gotta look at the others though :)

Also, I am addicted to Google Earth.
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