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la de freakin da

Oh the joys of creating a new account and adding everything to it again with nicer tags :P

A list!

~My stomach hurts
~Neville's fuzzy
~Spencer's orange and gigantic
~Mulder's licky
~Heidi's hyper
~I'm watching all my Stephen King movies (yay, Storm of the Century!)
~I can't find my movie 'Signs' and I want to watch it
~Oldies win...sugar pie honeybunch, you know that I love you! Can't help myself, I love you and nobody else! Ahem
~80s also win
~Music wins, period
~Lists are fun
~The ~ symbol's cute
~I got a B+ on my Anthropology quiz!
~I got a B on my paper!
~I'm still waiting on the results for my cultural Anthropology quiz
~Ewan McGregor's hot
~So is David Dachuvny
~Let's not forget Dan Radcliffe!
~I miss my cousin
~I haven't spoken to him since the end of July
~I really miss him
~I need to clean my room
~I need to clean the den
~I'm going to test drive some cars tomorrow
~Yay cars!
~I love my new iPod
~I have 5 movies on my iPod
~Yay Lion King!
~I like the word 'giblet'
~giblet, giblet, giblet!
~I also like the words 'shrubbery, 'shards', 'plumment', and 'fustigate'
~Words are fun
~Pple tht talk lyke th1s P15S M3 OFF!!!!
~L33K speak is ANNNNNNNNNNOYING!!!!!!!!!!
~Mulder fell off the ledge
~Silly Mulder
~I should wrap this list up
~Water is tasty
Tags: lists, random
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