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Don't worry, you're just as sane as I am

I am in a strange mood so I will share the strangeness with you! Behind the cut are wtf icons, icons that make you raise your eyebrow (if you can) and go ""
Some of them rule. I credited whenever possible.

Classic wtf icon

Some are NSFW

Love this one


I don't think I'd want that chasing me!

This is from Spongebob! :D

Bahaha, I love it! angevin2

This one scares me a bit... blackperson

Here's a classic!

I didn't know Darth Vader knew how to Irish folkdance!

That guy always scared me when I played DOOM back in the day..I still play it ^_^

Yay! It's Phineas! I made this icon and that was my lovely boy Phineas. RIP Phineas

Another classic

Haha, I made this one too

Toilet Olympics?

This one scares me -.x

I have a folder of strange icons :P

That is all xD
Tags: i'm a geek, random
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