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I haven't done this for a long time!!!

Scores ill in Peru 'meteor crash'
Wow. I was just reading a book on the Tunguska event
New reality show featuring children
This is just sick, I didn't' think they could stoop any lower then they have, how naive I was.

Nebraska State Senator Sues God

London Harrods hires cobra to guard 62,000 pound shoes
Why in the world are these shoes that much? That boggles my mind.

Russia tests super strength bomb
Just what the world needs, a more powerful bomb -.-

Gorillas now considered 'critically endangered'
This article brought tears to my eyes. I find it utterly depressing that by the time my children are adults, these beautiful animals will most likely be extinct in the wild. This whole article is tragic.

Elderly at highest risk for suicide

Diary from DR Congo's Ebola frontline
I've had an interest in Ebola since I was a teenager, viruses fascinate me in their simplicity.

Video and article on cock fighting
I dislike PetA but that man makes a good point, nothing that goes on in cock fighting (and dog fighting) is natural. Disgusting.

This video is made of lulz

Gang member arrested in death of 3-week old baby
This is so disgusting :(

Cold snap coming!
I'm looking forward to it. We can use all the rain we can get...I just hope it rains enough where the roads won't be slick! It was actually really pleasant yesterday, clear day with a very cool breeze. Lovely!

LA and Orange Counties still 'rulers' of traffic
I was stuck in traffic today, made me 20 minutes late for school P:

NASA searching for astronauts
I wish! I don't have the physical or mental abilities to be an astronaut. I want to bounce on moon!

New defense strategy for bees; smothering
That's pretty interesting.

May/December couples boost human lifespan
Another interesting article.

Wipha weakens to tropical storm but still a threat

Herring may be an endangered breed
Everything is endangered with humans as the dominant species. Er, I'm a bit cynical right now...

Mozambique army authorized to shoot 'dangerous' animals

New Mexico fossils protected

Oldest identifiable footprints found
The paleontology nerd in me is squeeing :p

Distant space collision brings doom to the dinosaurs
This makes me shudder when I think of Shoemaker-Levy 9 back in 1994.

Alright that's all! A nice amount after going so long without doing this ^_^
Tags: nature, news articles, science, stupid people
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