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My English paper

Alright so I want your opinions on this. The assignment is to read a paper that Marilyn Manson wrote on the Columbine shootings and give a 3-4 paragraph report on it. This is the first paper for this class and the Professor said that first papers are always the worst and not to fret. Heh, she said most of us would probably spend a hour to a hour and a half on it. Me? I took up the whole night fretting over whether it was rubbish. My English isn't perfect, I'm not this brilliant brain when it comes to grammar or putting my thoughts on paper. I qualified for English 101 though and I expect to write a decent report, I'm always looking at my work and putting it down, thinking it's not good enough. It's supposed to be short and when I printed it, it took up a page. It looks so small on my journal! :O
So I'd like your opinion. This is how I'm going to turn it in so hopefully it isn't a complete piece of garbage ;P
You can read Marilyn Manson's paper here.

Marilyn Manson has always been a controversial artist and after the Columbine

shootings, he became a scapegoat. Was it his fault though? Manson wrote an article

defending himself and mentioning where he thinks the blame lies; everybody. “Throw a

rock and you’ll hit someone who’s guilty” Manson says. He started his band to criticize

the hypocrisy of America. He chose the name “Marilyn Manson” because Charles

Manson has graced the cover of Time Magazine and has become as popular as Marilyn


Humans are a violent species; there was violence long before music or television.

Manson mentions the Bible as a great example; Cain murdering his brother Abel and

Jesus Christ being crucified in vivid detail. Skip forwards a couple thousand years and

we see the creation of the A-Bomb, a bomb so powerful, it can obliterate an entire city.

These scientists who created this powerful weapon are praised. The media focuses on

violence, from John F. Kennedy’s assassination coverage to the wreckage of Princess

Diana’s car. The media seems to thrive on these stories and America soaks it up like a


Manson is right, America is a hypocritical society. Some groups of pro-life

activists will kill a doctor who performs abortions. Media reports mention Klebold and

Harris as being Manson fans. Later it is found out that they didn’t even like Marilyn

Manson’s music, he was just a convenient target. We need to stop blaming games like

Grand Theft Auto and focus more on how we treat each other.
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