Agent 27 (witherwings7) wrote,
Agent 27

I am tired at 1:30, imagine that!

I started classes yesterday, it was alright. The heat was unbearable and the AC wasn't on in any of the classrooms, the professors were disgruntled over it as well. My English professor is scatterbrained but nice and my Anthropology professor jumps all over the place, heh.

I changed my schedule around. I'm going to take geology in the Spring. Right now I'm taking two Anthropology courses, English, and Library Science. I have classes every day this week but I basically only go in the morning and leave around 2:30, that gives me the afternoons and evenings free (not counting study time and homework).

I think I went through six water bottles yesterday.

After a long day (it's long because of the heat!) in classes it's nice to look at some eye candy.

:D :D

Screen captures from the episode EVE.

G'nite everybody!
Tags: eye candy, school

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