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Boat trip photos

The boat ride was fun! Some more people came on the boat with us including a cantor (singer) for one of the Temples I know. A young man actually, 27 years old and he's from London! He's from London and also spent years in South Africa learning Opera so he had a very interesting accent that made me swoon, he's a nice guy too :D

The sun setting

These are all photos within the Marina.

Another one


Doggy's on a houseboat :D

Blurry puppers.

Pirate statue on the roof, it's been there for as long as I can remember.

This guy was on a surfboard and had a paddle and was rowing.

Heading past the break waters to the open ocean.

These are out on the open ocean.

Sunset :)

The photos get a bit grainy because the flash isn't that powerful and it was past sundown.

Venice Pier

Santa Monica Pier. I love going there and just sitting in the park nearby under the trees and listening to the ocean.

Oh noes, a UFO!

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