Agent 27 (witherwings7) wrote,
Agent 27


I'm leaving in a few minutes to go on a family friend's boat, 40 footer :D
Thing is, we're actually going to be going on the ocean and not just cruising around the Marina. The guy that owns the boat doesn't "like to get it wet" O.o
So we're going out, woot!

I've taken some photos of the babies the last few days but I think I only have time to post the ones I took today and last night, so they're behind the cut! I might post the others later.


Taken last night.

Haha, teeth and feet!

I love it when they're all limp :B

These were taken today

It's licking me :D

The trio and Mystery's tail. She could care less about the rats, she's too old and lazy to care :P

He's like a white ferret!

Blurry baby!

Oh, the mother rat has a name; Big Mama xD
Still up for suggestions on the three babies, two boys and a girl.
Tags: litters, my photos, my rats
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