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New rats

I headed over to PetCo today to pick up some cat litter. Usually I go to a Centinela Pets or the PetCo farther away from me that's wonderful in how they treat their animals. Today I didn't have time to do that since I had to get home to wait for an important package for mom. So I headed to the PetCo that's 5 minutes from my house. I headed to the rodents to coo over them like the dork that I am and what do I see? I see 4 adult males in a 10 gallon tank. These weren't small boys, oh no. They were nice big boys in a 10 gallon tank! I look next door and I see two big boys and a female. The boys had very prominent testicles and the girl had very visible nipples. I was about to nicely bitch out (is that possible?) the worker when I saw movement in the bedding (CareFresh thank goodness). What was this movement? Well it wasn't an alien! I saw a little rat nose poke out of the bedding, a baby! I took a closer look and saw they were babies just days away from opening their eyes. I looked at the female again and saw she had nursing nipples and she might possibly be pregnant again. I wouldn't be surprised since rats can get pregnant right after having a litter and who knows how long she's been in with these boys! Well I got a bit mad to say the least. I told the worker there that she needed to be separated from those two boys. "Oh we can't move the boys to the other tank they'll fight and we'll get in trouble if they get hurt."
Right because it's more important to save your own ass then to have a good environment for your animals. Goodness knows a pet store should care only for money and not for the pets! /sarcasm

I asked to speak to the manager who cared just a little more then the employee. I asked if I could take the mama and her babies. I needed to get them out of there, especially if she was pregnant again! He wanted to charge me for the mama but I think I raised enough of a fuss over this situation where he gave her to me for free. I only bought a carrier to take them home in. I wasn't going to put them in a cardboard box, this is stressful enough for mama!
So I get home just as the FedEx guys pulls up, and sign the package. I put the mama and her babies on the table and go out and clean out a cage. She's now in a bigger cage, not surrounded by big males.
She has three little ones and I just sexed them. Two boys and a girl. This is convenient, I can keep the girl with her mom and the brothers can stay together. Both boys are agouti hoods and the girl is a PEW (pink eyed white). Any suggestions for names?
My established rats are in the rat room which is a good because if they were in the house I wouldn't have taken this girl. Mama and babies will stay in the house while the colony stays in the rat room. I'll go between the house and the colony under normal quarantine procedures.
The thing that really got me to take this girl is her staring at me through the glass and bruxing at me. The employee grabbed her by the tip of her tail and grabbed her babies by their tails too! Was he afraid these teeny babies would bite him or something? *sigh*
I'm not mad anymore, I'm just tired. I'm tired of seeing rodents treated as vermin. I'm going to contact the humane society to check this out, 4 full sized male rats to a 10 gallon tank is just terrible. The silver lining in this situation is that these rats aren't undernourished, they're plump. They have CareFresh and I noticed that they were using Mazuri lab blocks (you can tell the difference between that brand and Kaytee). These good qualities don't make up for the over crowding though, so I'm going to call and see that this is taken care of. I'll get the cat litter later at Centinela, which doesn't even sell live animals.

Here's some pictures of mama and the younglings!

I didn't bother to put these through photo shop, I'm too lazy right now.

Here's the mama. Doesn't she look like a nice girl? I need to think of a name for her.

The hooded babies are boys and the PEW is a girl.

Name suggestions for two females and two males?

Here's a photo of Mystery :)
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