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school and question for those that have graphics\html skillz

Is anybody up to making me a journal header? Like the one I have now with Harry, Fawkes, and Hedwig but...nicer ;p
I remember somebody offering.
Also, I want a new complete layout, I'm bored with the green and I'm rubbish at coding. Can anybody help me with that?

*pets her nice new icon*

I'm all signed up for my classes and I scored at advanced placement in English! Go me! I qualified for pre-algerbra math and they want me to have a tutor. I don't think I qualify that high for math actually, but I'm going to try.

I'm taking English, Anthropology, and Geology. I might add an art class for this semester but I'm not sure yet. School starts the 4th and I'm actually excited to go back to school.
Tags: livejournal, school
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