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I wish I weren't awake

Ugh, I was half asleep when somebody with the wrong number called me. Just brilliant and I was trying to actually get my sleeping patterns nice and square. I need to get up at 8 this morning and drive mom to work and I can't drive if I'm a zombie -.-

Anyway, I'm going to go to Terminus. I was lying in bed pondering the situation and I find it completely doable. I'm thinking my mom will come with me and we'll use our Timeshare thing to get a multiple room suite. That way, if I have friends going they don't have to pay for the hotel, just their transportation, Terminus ticket, food, whatever. I was also thinking of inviting Ben. He went to Florida with his friend in March (had to come home early for Grandma's funeral..). I'm aunt sees me as irresponsible I think but if mom is with us then maybe she'd let him come. Either he can share my room or he can have his own room adjacent to me.
This is like in the very beginning stages, no plans yet. We need to call the Trendwest people to ask about Chicago of next year and then I have to find out who's going to Terminus that I know. Who here is going to Terminus?

Speaking of Ben, I miss him so much right now. I haven't had a decent conversation with him since the beginning of the month, that completely sucks. I'll try calling him today...

I guess I'll try getting to sleep again. I have my English assessment test today, wish me luck! I have my math one tomorrow..I will definitely need luck on that one!
Tags: ben, terminus, vacations
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