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Back to school

I went to school today to see a counselors about what classes to take and such. After looking through the AA programs I decided on Anthropology, I'm interested in that and there's only two math courses. This is what is standing in my way of having a career on sciences like zoology, geology, oceanography, and meteorology. I can do the science parts but it's the math that kills me, I am absolutely terrible at math. I will still enjoy learning science as a hobby but now I'm aiming for a degree in another field I'm interested in. If I decide Anthropology isn't for me, I'll try the art program. In the meantime here's my schedule (what is it with people posting their schedules on LJ?)

Fall Semester
Anthropology 102: Human Ways of Life; Cultural Anthropology
Geology 1: Physical Geology

Winter Semester
History 11: Political & Social History of the US
Possibly an art and computer course

Spring Semester
Anthropology 121: Religion, Magic, and Witchcraft

I have to take my math and english assessment test before I can find out which class to take and I can't enroll in any of these courses until I know that. I have to be able to work the schedule around english. Thankfully I'm taking both tests next week.

Looks like I won't be going on Birthright Israel this winter or spring. I have until I'm 26 though, I'll aim for next winter or spring (not summer!)

I'm excited that I'm going back to school. After Dad died I just couldn't deal with any of that and stopped taking my classes. I tried after that but I couldn't find the strength to commit to school. I'm start fresh with a positive outlook. If I think "Hopefully I'll be able to do this", it won't happen and it'll be like last time. My mind frame is "I can do this and I will take this seriously". No 'maybe', 'possibly', and 'hopefully', it'll be 'for sure', 'definitely', and 'I can do this!'.
I told mom my goals when I picked her up from work and she said "I'll believe it when I see it" and "Pardon me for not beliving in you."
Gee, thanks mom. I know where she's coming from but I asked her to fake it. I don't care if she has faith in me but she can fake it. Her negative vibes will only bring me down and make me think that, hey, maybe I can't do it! No, I can and I won't listen to her.

I miss my cousin :(
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