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I'm alive

This won't be a real post, just a quick update.

I'm not leaving Livejournal. I just have too many years invested in this site and I've made too many friends to just leave. I'm very disappointed in LJ though and hopefully this stupid policy of theirs will be changed.

For those of you that are leaving LJ or just have accounts on other journal sites, I have a GJ and a IJ. I would like an JournalFen but I don't know anybody with a journal there to set me up with one.
My GJ and IJ username is the same as it is here; witherwings7
Feel free to friend me over there if you have accounts!

I'll try to post with real life issues soon and believe me, there are issues to post. Heh.

One great thing though, I figure this post can use a positive note ending it.

I'm the new moderator of danrad_daily!!! I appointed a co-mod, azi_69_daniela and the creator has say over her community but...I'm mod of one of my favorite communities! Makes me insanely giddy xD
Tags: danrad_daily, livejournal, other journals
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