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I had to go to the market for a few minutes to pick something up (they didn't have it). I left the computer on with the Firefox going. I had 10 tabs open on my Firefox, not that many but some included things like job applications I was working on! I come back and mom is on the computer. Fine, no big deal. She closed Firefox!!! She knows that she can use the freaking computer without closing it! She wasn't even online, she was playing Solitaire! She didn't even care that she screwed up five hours worth of stuff.

Oh gee, I was about to apologize for yelling at her but then she starts yelling at me and saying "it's my computer, I get get out of your stuff if I want. If you don't like it, leave!"
Gee, way to be mature mom. Wish I could leave.
Tags: mom, rants
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