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HP Friday Five---Deathly Hallows


1. What was the biggest surprise?
Kretcher for sure!

2. Which would you rather have, Hermione's neverending beaded purse, or the Elder wand?
Hermione's purse. It would be cool to put all my crap in it and not worry about it becoming heavy or running out of space.

3. What was your favorite quote?
Well, I have to read the book again but "What in Merlin's baggy Y-Fronts was that all about?" got me laughing. The most powerful line for me was "I am about to die". Waaah! George's sainthood also gave me the giggles, hee!

4. Whose death struck you the hardest?
Well, when I thought Harry would die I was crying very hard. But he didn't stay dead so that doesn't count! I guess it would be Hedwig and Dobby's equally...possibly Hedwig a bit more. Remus was my favorite Marauder but his death was glossed over so much, same with Fred (and he was my favorite twin!). So yeah, Hedwig and Dobby.

5. What is one theory you had that came true?
Just one? ;)
Um...ok, I kept telling my mom and everybody that would listen that Dudley would get his head out of his arse and that he and Harry would part ways on a positive note.

I'm going to start re-reading the book tonight or tomorrow so keep an eye out for reviews.
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