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Pic spam!!!

Alright, no photos for the 12th of July. We basically just went shopping. Mom, my aunt, my cousin Dayna, and myself. I got some nice clothes and went into Barnes & Noble to pick up some magazines (DETAILS for example). The cashier was a Potter and Dan nerd so we chatted, heehee!

On the 13th we went to the bridges like I said.

On the 14th, we went to Kings Resort Winery. We went with my uncle and my aunt. I saw a deer on the drive up, eating somebody's vegetable garden. I bet they weren't too happy! I got my camera out in case of more wildlife. Two minutes later I saw a dead doe :(

So we went to the winery and did some wine tasting. It was fun! I didn't get drunk but I did get really hot haha. I liked the dessert wines, so tasty! We bought a few bottles of wine and took them home with us. After that we had lunch at their restaurant, sooo good! The view was breathtaking. Before we left we stopped at the little gift shop. I got myself a fridge magnet of a white owl. I found this lotion that I just love, lemon and lavender. I don't like a lot of lotions because to me it's very greasy and I can tell it's there. The lotions that aren't like that usually smell horrible to me, I'm very sensitive to perfumes, lotions, any artificial smell. This lotion smelled good and didn't feel gross on me, so I got it. My skin feels great and I can see myself ordering some from the winery if they have a website.
We didn't go on a tour of the place, we've done that already in California.

Then we headed home. I saw wild turkeys! Didn't get any shots of them.

That night was Ben's show; All Shook Up. He was brilliant! He can carry his voice so well, his dancing was great, and I just love listening to him sing. I wasn't being biased enough to see flaws and when he asked for my honest opinion I told him that he has room to improve but that he came such a long way. I was so proud of him ^__^
We were supposed to watch a movie that night because he's usually wired after his shows but he was tired that night. So I went into my room to do some last minute internet stuff before bed. I hear a knock at my door and at first I thought it was mom but she wouldn't bother knocking.
It was Ben, he couldn't sleep. We chatted while I showed him some of my favorite fanart. mudblood428 and reallycorking, if you're reading this; he found you both to be very talented and loved your work :)
I talked to him about the joys of Drarry (he was interested, moohahahaha) and he hijacked the keyboard to say hello to my soul sistah imonsie.
After that I turned off the computer and we both sat on my bed just talking about various things. I told him stuff I haven't told anybody and vise versa. After that he went back to his parent's room (mom had his room) to sleep.

So that was nice, some quiet bonding time for us :3

Anyway, photos!


View from the place we ate.

Kings Resort
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