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Pic Spam!!!

Alright, this batch is July 11th.

Mom and I were to head directly to the coast because it's been way too long since we got to see the Oregon coast. I was a tiny little kid when I went last time.

So we started driving towards the coast and I got all excited and giddy over the forest we went through on the highway. I wanted to take a forest road to actually go into it so I kept an eye out. Finally I found one so I made mom drive and stop frequently so I could take pictures, breath the lovely air, and listen to the sounds of forest. I could have spent hours there but we really had to get to the coast :P

Here's some of the forest shots!

Yay forests!


My mom kept saying "you need to go to Angeles National Forest, you act like Los Angeles doesn't have this stuff!"
Er...I've been to Angeles, it's very beautiful but it is not the same type of forest! This is temperate rain forest, you don't find this kind of forest in Southern California!

I wish I were back there

Heh, I can't really decide which photos to post so it looks like I'm posting nearly all of them!

We took a mountain road up but because I was getting a bit freaked out (my side was near the edge and I'm weird with cars), we decided not to go all the way up. We got to this point though! That's the view


Alright so after all that we finally got on our way to the coast. We got to the city of Florence and decided to get a bite to eat. We stopped at an A&W (got served in our car!). When we tried to turn the car on after paying the car wouldn't start! Mom had taken the car to Honda the week before to get everything checked so she was pretty pissed. She called AAA to get towed to the nearest place to check over the car...which was right down the street. Well they found out it was the battery and it needed to be replaced. They didn't have the battery so they called places around the area and nobody had it. My uncle called this place that's similar to a Pep Boys and they did have it. The guy at the garage didn't call them, he only called other small businesses. I understand that, he doesn't like them taking his business. He did help us as much as he could.
So we get the battery replaced and do as much of the coast as we could. We went to Devil's Elbow and saw the lighthouse there. We also went to the world's largest sea cave and also saw some sea lions. We had to pay for that, you go down and there are two paths, one leading to the cave and one leading to the cliff overlooking the sea lions. Only I did it, it was a steep climb and mom couldn't do that. Photos of that are included.

After all that we headed back to Eugene and had a lovely dinner of salmon and pasta. Yum! My aunt cooks a mean salmon. Ben and I basically ignored everybody and chatted. Well, we didn't ignore people, that would be rude! We took part in the other conversation but we talked to each other a lot. After dinner we hunt out, looking at stuff online.

Anyway, here's the coast photos!

The sea cave. No flash photography allowed in the cave, it was gorgeous though. Ben warned me of it being stinky but it just had a mildew smell, not horrible. Check out the waterline!

A lovely bridge. That's freshwater meeting the ocean.

This is a blowhole. We stopped here on the drive back to Eugene

The sign :P

The creek

It was fun walking in it :P

Devil's Elbow

Ooo, lighthouse!

A rock! It's a cool rock, no badmouthing the rock!

Coastal winds made these trees lean :)

Ooo, coastal forest cliffs!

:D I love this photo


Sea lions down there. I won't post sea lion photos in this post, they belong with the animals! You can see some of them in the cave shot ^_^

Another pic spam on the way!
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