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Pic Spam Ahoy!

Alright, so I'm finally going to start posting the vacation photos. I'm going to post them by day, except for the animal photos which were taken over the course of the vacations. The animal photos get their own post!

This post is July 10, the drive up!

Alright, so mom and I left on the morning of the 9th and arrive around 4pm on the 10th. We stopped in Redding, California for the night. I spent the time regretting that I didn't bring any DVDs because there was a DVD player. It was alright though, I watched some stuff on the OotP premiere and then watched Dan Radcliffe on Jay Leno ^_^

Let me tell you, whenever we stopped for gas I thought I'd melt. We were inland and it was hot and sticky. At one point, we had stopped for gas right outside of Sacramento (traffic in the city was horrible) and it was 100 and probably 80% humidity, gross! I needed to go to the bathroom then but the only bathroom they had was one of those portable ones. Can you imagine going into one of those in that weather condition!? No thanks, I waited until we got to Redding.

The next morning we headed back out and that's when I started taking pictures.

Mount Shasta!

Close up, the zoom on my little camera is so awesome :3

Castle Crags

Shasta Lake

Again, Shasta Lake

A forbidding mountain right next to Shasta. Well, not technically but you could see both mountains at the same time.

Took this when we passed right by it.

Going downhill

I really like this picture! The last of the California photos.

I tried to take a photo of "Welcome To Oregon" but I didn't get enough warning and couldn't get the camera ready in time.

First picture of Oregon. There were a lot of signs that reminded me of Potter, but I only got this shot. There's a city in Oregon named Minerva!

Table Rock

Eugene, Oregon. My family's neighborhood
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