Agent 27 (witherwings7) wrote,
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I can't believe it's over

The internet is a bit boring without LJ! I was reading a post-DH Drarry when it went kablooey.

I demand post-DH fics fics taking place within the story!! I'd love to read one from various POVs when Hagrid comes out of the forest with 'dead' Harry. Oh, just any fic that disregards that scary epilogue ;)

The party itself was pretty cool. I went to the Grove, to Barnes & Noble. I met up with randomneses, who I met at the OotP premiere. I talked to some other fans and got my photo taken with "Hagrid" and "Harry"...really bad. Oh well, I have the picture on my corkboard, hehe. I got a 'butterbeer' from Starbucks (ew, Starbucks!). The drink was actually very good, haha. I got in line to get my pre-order bracelet (which I'm keeping). The Remus Lupins were performing that night so I watched them, they are brilliant! I've seen some other Wizarding Rock bands and I think they rank with Draco & The Malfoys. The lead singer is very cute..and really nice! I got my photo taken with him and he autographed the cd I bought. I got both albums and a shirt...the shirt is sooo small! I'll be lucky to fit in it even when I lose all my weight, oh well!

At 11:30 they shut the doors on us to prepare. Then at midnight (no countdown or cheer, ew!) they opened the doors to start letting us in. I had to wait nearly two hours to get my book. I spent the beginning of the wait talking to some people and I got my The Remus Lupins stuff at that time. After Ashley went to get her book I talked with some people on their theories (nearly all my predictions came true!). After Ashley came out with the book I took a photo of her with her book and she took a photo of me with her copy, then she dashed off to get home and read xD

I was tempted on going over to the nearby K-Mart even though I hate that store. The only thing stopping me was that I pre-ordered the special edition. Well, at 1:30ish my letter was called so I went into the bookstore and talked with some people in line.

I got my book and then all the car drama happened.

Well, like I said before I'll probably review chapter by chapter. I can't review until I read it again. I'll probably read 5-10 chapters a day and post them.

Anyway, pictures from the party!

Oooo, boxes!

These guys kick so much ass!

The lead singer and myself. Hehe, he's cool.

Ashley's book in my greedy little paws. I was actually wearing a Slytherin sweater over my Hogwarts shirt but I got so hot that I had to take it off. House unity! The wristband has "I <3 Harry" on it and there's a Harry pin. I also had a Slytherin Prefect pin on but you can't see it.

Oh, before I forget, Ashley I sent you the photos from the party. Do you want any copies of the Remus Lupins show pictures? I got a few :)
Tags: deathly hallows party, fangirl squee!!!, friends, my pictures, the remus lupins
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