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I'm not sure how I'm going to review this book, I'm having trouble doing it. Maybe because once it's reviewed, it's really and truly done. I think I'll re-read it and review it chapter at a time, as I'm reading it. That might work, I just basically breezed through it so reading it again might help me.

Anyway, I'm going to post photos from the party later...and also my vacation photos. I'm sure some of you want to see those shots! I know I want to share them :P

Anyway, something happened after the party. I'll tell you about the party in the picture post but after the party I went to the valet place where I took the car. I couldn't find a spot so I just took it to the valet outside. I asked them if they would be open for the party and that I might be out very late, they assured me that they'd be there. So I give them the car and park and head to the party.
Afterwords, I notice that nobody is there and I can't find the car. I decide to talk to the nearby security before deciding to panic. After a long and drawn out process, we find out that the valet I went to closed for the evening and they locked up the keys. I had called my mom during this process and she was going to pick me up in a friend's car. She has a set of keys obviously, and I would drive our car home. Nope, the security guy refused to let us do this. Nevermind the fact that
a. We know the car's plate number
b. We have a spare key
c. I have the valet ticket

By this time I'm crying from the stress and mom is yelling at the people. They refuse to let us take the car (we can't even find it!). So we eventually give up and drive home in the friend's car (he would take the car the following night).
I wanted to get out of the party with my book and start it right away. I got my book around 1:15 (the wait was horrible, I'll go into that later) and then this car deal. We got home at 3:30 and I couldn't calm down enough to start reading until 4:15, I only got three chapters done before having to crash.
What an experience eh? It was horrible! I finished the book 4:30 on the 22nd (Sunday morning). I would have finished sooner if I could have started it right away, oh well.

Anyway, yeah that was that. Figured I'd share that with you!

So, look forward to the party pictures today and the beginning of my vacation photos and details!

G'nite everybody!
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