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My review of the OotP movie in lists

Alright, so if any of you listened to my phone post(s) from a few days ago, you'll know I saw OotP.
I loved the movie, I thought it was the best so far but there were some parts that turned me off. A quick list because I'm too tired to really do a lengthly thing...

+Dan and company's acting have gotten much better. Dan was able to portray rage and angst without SCREAMING. Emma's eyebrows weren't dancing off her face and Rupert was better too.
+Kitten plates. Though the kittens lightened the detention scene a bit (not good), I loved those meowing plates!
+Umbridge...Stauton was absolutely amazing! Frills and sugary sweetness but sooo evil!
+Luna! OMG, she was brilliant at Luna! Soo adorable!! KJGBJLDGB!!!
+Sirius\Lupin lookofsexmoment before they see Harry in the beginning
+Harry's relationship with Sirius was so bittersweet. I started to cry a little in the Tapestry scene.
+Wolfhound!Padfoot. I'm so glad they got rid of CGI!Padfoot and got a real dog, awesome!
+Patronus scene!!
+Moody, yay Gleeson!Moody! :D
+Weasley Twins and their awesome escape. It could have been better (portable swamp ftw) but it was well done.
+The small Neville\Luna scenes, so cute!
+NEVILLE!!! *hugs him* He's my favorite Gryffindor in that year after Harry. I hope he doesn't die..I think he will though and I will cry hard if he does :\
+Molly being all loving to Harry...the photo promo pic for that scene makes me squee :D
+Lucius Malfoy. You're a bad man sir but you are very easy on the eyes and ears.
+The Kiss, it was hot watching it.
+The lack of CAPSLOCK!HARRY. I mentioned I thought Dan's acting improved but I am just so happy at the lack of emo!Harry. Well, he's still an emo, brooding and angsty kid, but he has a right to be! At least he isn't screaming at anybody, even if he's still very angry.
+Dudley's bling
+Professor McGonangal! She wasn't in it nearly enough for me but her scenes were great. I love her character and I adore Dame Maggie Smith.
+The Possession, is it terribly sad that I found him hot in that scene? It was a bit weird but still, I liked it.
+Occlumency, I liked the memories zooming by. Snape in the Mirror of Erised with ickle!Harry was just funny\adorable. Ickle Harry!!!
+The movie overall ;)

-Arabella Figg...not batty enough!
-DUMBLEDORE!!!! Again, he was too forceful...Dumbledore is old and sage and quiet...not in your face!
-Kretcher..not enough of him, too funny and not sinister enough.
-No Mrs. Black (oh my mistress, the shame!)
-Centaurs scene...but the "I'm sorry Professor but I must not tell lies" from Harry was great!
-The Kiss, it was too played out (yes, it's a plus and negative for me)
-Grawp\Hermy lurve. It was cute but I think I'd prefer the screaming in terror and thinking Umbitch is right about Hagrid Hermione! It was funny though...but still.
-Draco Malfoy, not enough the guy! It's like Firepit!Sirius all over again, they're cram him into the sixth movie when they should have built him up even more the movie before. Meh.
-Not enough Remus!
-The Death Eaters. Did they get taught by the Flying Nun or something? What was up with them flying!? Was that supposed to be Apparition or something? Sorry, no.
-The Dumbles\Voldie fight. What was up with the Priori Incantatum like thing giong on? NO, just..NO!!! The water was pretty cool though...and Voldie getting uncut by the exploding glass was a neat special effect.
-Lack of P. McGonagall. She was in it, just not enough for me. I was looking forward to the scene where she defends Hagrid and gets blasted, I wanted that scene! I thought I'd get it too since I've seen behind the scenes photos of her in a wheelchair holding a Daily Prophet. Maybe it'll be on the dvd?
-No Firenze. Sad.
-Snape's worst memory. Okay, no, I hated how they did it! What was it, five seconds? I can live without the Pensieve being used (though I was looking forward to Snape throwing things at Harry) but the scene was just bad. Harry looks like an adorable dork but James just looks like an idiot (I guess he was, but he was supposed to be a smooth ladies man). Sirius looked like an idiot, I hardly saw Remus or Peter and I didn't see Lily at all..much less hear her! You were supposed to learn that James was an asshat and Lily was more compassionate but that they didn't get along at first! It could have been longer and Lily should have talked. Deleted scene maybe?
-THE DEATH SCENE! WTF!?!?!? He gets killed by the Avada Kedavra curse and then falls in the Veil in a scene that lasts all of five seconds!? GSGJLISHBJLGSHRJL!!!!!! NO!!! I was preparing to cry during that scene, I didnt'! It was too rediculous to cry, ugh!

I might add more after I see it again (Thursday maybe). I'll also get to look at it from a different angle after getting the first viewing out of the way.
This post took a few days to finish, been too busy to sit down and just finish it.

Ben just left for Math Camp, I won't see him until October, woe! At least there's text messaging, phones, and AIM.
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