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Oh Dan, if you need a full body massage I'd be happy to help!

I'll be strictly professional ;D

No cut for you!

No words...just...guh!

Dan's on Conan tonight! :D

So I haven't read my f-list since Sunday night, what's been happening? NO SPOILERS PEOPLE! I didn't get to see the movie yet (woe!). I'm going tomorrow night. Ben told me some stuff already that I approved and...

Ginny's this super girl with a wand!??!!? UM NO!!! I'm talking about when they are in the DoM. NO SUPER GINNY! *stabs her*
I don't mind Bonnie..I just loathe Ginny. Half Blood Prince made me hate her ;p

Also, Cho was tortured into giving out the information? He said it wasn't shown but very heavily hinted at. NO!!! I don't want to feel sorry for Cho! Divulging information because of torture...I can't hate her that way! I didn't really care that they took out Marietta and repalaced the traitor with Cho...but not the way they did it! *huffs*
Tags: dan radcliffe, eye candy, omgwtfbbq!, ootp movie
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