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Nerdy goodness and it's icky and hot!

What five things do you want to happen in Deathly Hallows?

I want Harry to realize that Ginny isn't the girl for him and go with Hermione (Ron can have Luna), hehe. Since I'm trying to be realistic though, I'll just say that I hope he doesn't hook up with Ginny again...

I want Umbridge, Pettigrew, Snape, and Bellatrix to all die. Snape should die honorably, I think he's Dumbledore's man but he's horrible and I won't be sad if he goes but if he does, kill off with dignity! Umbridge should die a painful death, maybe trampled by a hippogriff or mauled by an acromantula! Pettigrew needs to honor his dept with Harry, sacrifice yourself Peter, throw yourself in front of the AK curse! Bellatrix...Neville, his gran, and Harry can all have fun with her!

I want Draco to come to Harry's side and work with the trio in finding the Horcruxes (and if my dreams came true, Harry and Draco would hook up ;p)

I want the scene with the Dursley's to be memorable. I also want Dudley to see the light and realize what a little prat he's been and apologize to Harry and try to get his life together. I hope Petunia also realizes her errors and tells Harry something of importance and maybe gives him anything of his mothers.

Lastly, I hope that Neville gets good book time in this story, he got barely anything in HBP! Maybe he'll join Harry at the final battle or train the D.A. at Hogwarts in Harry's absence! Go Neville!


Mom and I ran a few errands today, I got sandles! I never wear sandles but I hate having my feet hot in close toed shoes, so I got a pair. The brand is Propet (I have a bunch of their shoes) and they are so comfortable!

Then we went to Grandma's to load the car up with the stuff we're driving up, barely any room for the luggage and us! After that it was to Coffee Bean, the bank, and Longs to pick up various things. Now I'm home, sweating from the icky wet heat.

We also we somewhere else, earlier today. Mom waited in the car but I had a grand time!

Yay!!! Where you can party like it's on sale for $19.99!!

Heehee! They had a standup Homer, Apu, Jasper in the freezer (freezer geezer!), Chief Wiggam, fun! They were out of the Homer donuts (pink frosting with sprinkles) and also out of Krusty O's. I did get some stuff though!

Yum! It was tasty in all it's sugary glory...but I couldn't have one every day, too much! Is it terribly dorky of me that I rinsed it out and I plan on keeping the cup?

I bought two cans, one to drink and one to keep closed for all time, hehe.

This hat cost a bit of money, which is why I couldn't get the Mr. Burns boggle head. Oh well, I love Monty but if I had to choose, I choose the well made Kwik-E-Mart cap :D

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