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Alright, so yesterday (Thursday) was bittersweet. I did some errands after dropping mom off at work and then headed home for a few hours. I ended up falling asleep from 12ish to 2pm, a nap I guess heh. Then I tried curling my hair again, this time with hot rollers. It worked! The curls only stayed in for two hours but at least they curled!

Anyway! I headed to Grandma's at 4 to spend time with them before they headed back up to Oregon. It was basically just Ben and I for two hours, everybody else had various things to do (nothing we had to help with). So we sat in the den, which is the coolest place in the house, and chatted while cuddled up together. It was really nice. Then we took some pictures, which you'll find at the end of this post. I really enjoyed the time left I had with him. When we were all ready to leave we had a group hug to say goodbye to the house. I'm going there tomorrow to load up the car with the stuff we have to drive up but I was a part of the hug because it would have been just me tomorrow. It's better to say goodbye to the house and to it's memories with family then alone don't you think? I took photos of the house, it will probably be torn down which depresses me. Did I ever mention that this house was in Pulp Fiction? Yeah, the den, where Ben and I were, was featured in a scene with Walkin and a Bruce Willis as a child. Same furniture and everything!

So after saying our goodbyes I headed over to mom's work to pick her up. Then we headed to Kaiser (hospital and our health coverage) because of an issue I've been having.

So we waited nearly two hours in the waiting room before getting a doctor. I've been having my menstrual cycle for nearly four weeks now! Yeah, not normal. It's been messing with my hormones which was why I cried in Factors, like I mentioned in my last post. It's just been messing with me. I couldn't get an appointment with a gyno until the second week of August so we went to Urgent Care, which is basically you sit there and wait to be seen. Could take hours x_x
The doctor said that it's most likely because I've been losing weight and because I'm so heavy to be begin with, this weight loss might be throwing my cycle off. She put me on birth control pills to try and help regulate it. I'm to follow up with my gyno in a month. She also had to give me a pregnancy test (procedure). Such a waste since it would be a miracle if I were pregnant! xD
I also had my blood taken, the guy couldn't find the vein and eventually took the blood from my wrist. No biggie, I'm alright with blood.
I'm so glad that's taken care of, I was really worried!

So today I was putting on my clothes, and I put on a pair of jeans we picked up yesterday. My mother picked me up some jeans a size smaller then what I normally wear so I could work my way down to them. I put on the jeans and didn't know they were the size...they fit!!!! I was soooo ecstatic (so was mom and Ben haha). The top was a size smaller too, GTLJIRGKJLBSJLRKGBSKJL!!!!!
The day I can fit into a size 20 is the day I scream loudly and happily. My goal pants size is 16 but I'll be happy with a 18. I have a way to go before then though, but I will reach it eventually!
So we have to return some of the stuff since it's all too big, GOOD! :D

Now I'm sitting here, doing nothing of importance. I'm getting together with somebody for the premiere, it'll be much more fun to be all fangirly with somebody else then alone! Also, I'm not flying home, I'll drive home with mom. That means I'll be staying only 8 days instead of 10. It's okay though, it's safer and my cousins will be so busy anyway. I can't wait for Sunday and for Oregon! :D

Me early in the day right after I curled my hair.

Photo look familiar? It should since we took last months' photos in the same part of the house! Haha, different clothes though and I'm 15 pounds thinner! xD

Yah, we're cute.

My mom always says I look so happy in photos with him, it's cause I am ;p

I love how our eyes look in this shot

And here!

Oh Ben, why are you making that expression? It reminds me of Dan and that's weirding me out! xD

Baha, he looks like he's up to no good!

My uncle took these three. He reminds me of Dan again! It's those facial expressions!

Hee! My favorite picture :D
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