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Family history through photos

So I scanned a few photos last night. There's actually a lot of photos but compared to the whole box full we got, it's a "few", hehe.
I thought I'd share them with you, nothing horribly personal about these photos to not share.

There's quite a few photos and some of them are kinda big.

My Grandmother, Rose, and my Great Grandmother, Bluma in New York City. I think my G-Grandma is sitting down.

Great Grandmother Bluma.

My Grandmother. We found that hat in her bedroom, it's so tiny and it was really falling apart. We threw it out, at least I have this photo!

My Grandparent's wedding, they're in the center.

Hiroshima, right after the bombing. My Grandfather was drafted after they were married and he was one of the first Americans to visit Hiroshima after the bombing. I've been fascinated with the history of this for as long as I can remember.

Another one of Hiroshima

My Grandmother always said that this was the weekend they conceived my father, tmi hehe


Dad and my Aunt Sandy

My Grandma and Grandpa at Banff (Canada)

This is one of the last photos of the two of them so it was probably taken the year Grandpa died, 1997

My mom, probably very late 60s or early 70s.

Me! I was a cute baby. See that dog in the back? That was my first dog, Cassie. I always thought she was a rough collie, a large large dog. Of course, I was a teeny thing so of course she looked larger then she actually was. Mom said she's border collie\sheltie. I dunno, possibly, I see both breeds in her. She was a great dog, looked out for me. She was also kinda dumb because she liked to eat bees and was allergic. We had to put her to sleep when her kidney's failed, that's a memory I still have :(

One of my first cats! One of, meaning there's a second cat during that time, a white cat with blue eyes named Noochi. This cat is Squeaky, he didn't like me too much hehe

Hah, I got the Sara Pout down by that age!

I love this photo so much, that hair is just adorable!

My mom and me! Hehe, glasses :P

My cousin Dayna and me. Hehe, I have attitude there.

The two of us again. This was probably before Dad died...I'm not sure. So it might be around 2002\2003. It might be after Dad died...ack, I don't know!

Haha, this was 1997 so I was 13\14 here. Back when I was still a good size. I want to get back to that...
I thought I was cool doing that to my eyebrows. I was also going through a stage where I wore that lipstick and liked to make myself look at bit more pale then I really am.

It's the whole family! The guy in the backwards hat and big nose is my brother, Mom is next to him (flowery jacket), I'm next to her, then Dayna, then my Aunt Sandy, and then baby Ben! We're at The Cheesecake Factory.

My Uncle Danny feeding Ben.

My Grandparents and Dad were there but they aren't in the shot, pity :\

I'm going to head over there soon, hopefully I'll get photos today. Ben is going to be so busy when I'm up there, it's a shame. He'll be busy from 7am to 4:30 during the weekdays. He has shows Friday and Saturday nights so he'll be busy those days too...not as much though. We'll get to spend some time together, just not as much as I'd like. Oh well.

I'm really depressed today, I don't know why.

Anyway, that was my family history (Dad's side at least). Maybe I'll scan more photos, but photos of my cousins and myself are more important.

I leave you with...

Me in my new shades :P
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