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Yesterday (Sunday) was busy!
We headed to the bakery to pick up my cake and then headed to Grandma's. I was innocently putting the cake in the fridge when I was tackled from behind! Ben and I chatted for a bit before his father made him help take stuff to Good Will, so I watched Fairly Odd Parents with Dayna while picking stuff up.

A bit later, Ben and my uncle came back with Mexican food (Ben remembered the burrito I like so he got me that) and the two of us ate outside while others ate in various parts of the house, or joined us later. Adam came out and whispered to me that I hurt Dayna's feelings. I was thinking 'wtf?' but I'm always paranoid that somebody is upset with me so I went to apologize to her. She had no idea what Adam was talking about so Adam was just being an ass.

A while later, after a few things were done, we all headed to dinner to celebrate my birthday (late). Ben drove with us and we put on Wicked and sang along, fun! We went to a great resteraunt in West Hollywood and I dragged Ben in this great store inside where we saw this foul talking parrot. Ben walked in front of it and the parrot (it's fake) said "I want a blowjob! Ahh, that feels good". Ben nearly started crying from the laughter, he had to support himself on me haha. When I walked in front of it, the thing said "Hey, show me your boobs!". Ben wanted the thing but I convinced him to not get it, we don't want him murdered by his parents after all!

Well then we ordered (blackberry lemonade and chicken penne noodles with spinach for me). Adam kept mouthing off, I swear he doesn't have breaks on his mouth! Some of it was just his idea of a joke but whatever. He kept calling me the birthday girl and he knows I hate it when waitors come and sing to me. The waitor (who was hilarious, all the waitors there are gay and are just awesome) asked me quitely if it really was. I told him that this was a late birthday dinner and my birthday was the 19th. He said "Here's what I'll do, I'll bring you carrot cake and there won't be singing. All you have to do it not share the cake with your brother". HAHA!!! So I made a big show of letting everybody else share my cake. I'm not a huge fan of carrot cake (it's not bad) so Ben and Elena (sister-in-law) ate most of it.

After that we headed back to the house to cut the real cake. I demanded no singing but Ben insisted on singing for me, I let him. I love his voice, he can go far with his singing and acting. Then we all ate some cake and sat down in the den to go through photos. After a few minutes we decided to just go through the photos of Grandma and Grandpa and leave the others for another time. We divided up the photos and we have a pile of photos that need to be copied for all of us. We took home photos of each respective family but we'll swap (so I'll have some photos of my cousins and vice versa) but we didn't do that yet. Ben and my uncle were crashing since they had to get up at 4am to catch a flight and only had a quick nap. After a bit they said they were going to head to the hotel to sleep. Ben gave me a hug and they left. They're staying at a hotel this time instead of the house because they find it too creepy and can't really sleep there. I don't really blame them, the house is nearly empty. 90% of the stuff is gone and the rest of the small things need to be gone by Thursday.

Anyway, so it was just me, my mom, Adam and his wife, Dayna, and Aunt Sandy. We finished looking at the photos of the two of them and started locking the house up and looking at some stuff that still needed to be gotten rid of. I took a few things. Then we headed home and I had a field day scanning some photos. We took home a whole shoebox worth of photos and I scanned about 25 pictures. These were just photos I really wanted to scan to share.

Now here I am. No photos of Ben and I this time, maybe tomorrow. I also have to take photos of Dayna and myself, maybe the three of us together...
I hope to have that done tomorrow or Tuesday since they are going to Malibu for the 4th. Speaking of, I have nothing to do on the 4th, my mother is going to the Marina to go on her friend's boat. Me? Nothing! She has the car so...*sigh*
I dunno what I'm going to do that day. Probably nothing...


Harry, dragon\castle backdrop, the logo!

Scary faced Harry!
I'm such a nerd :D

I'm going to post some of those scanned photos in a few minutes :3

Tomorrow I head back to Grandpa's to help some more.
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