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Going through the memories of my past - Robot Skeleton Army Minion #1983
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Thu, Jun. 28th, 2007 07:21 pm
Going through the memories of my past

Today mom and I did some errands before I dropped her off at work and went to Grandma's. We went to the bakery so I could get my birthday cake. We got it now because I wanted to wait until my family came down to share the cake with me, otherwise it would have basically been me. If Adam saw the cake he would have made me give it to him because it's "for my own good". Bastard.
So yeah, not saying what the cake is, I shall be taking a picture!
Speaking of pictures, I need to upload some from my camera onto the computer so I can share with you guys.

I've been helping my aunt and cousin clean Grandma's house. Yesterday we just met for dinner (Jack Sprats for my LA peeps) and today I went over there to help them go through things. We divided up the jewelry. I got some lovely stuff and we both wanted an antique mirror and a 30s\40s style pocket watch, we compromised. I took the watch and she took the mirror. There was a small hand mirror from the same set that she gave me. No fighting, my aunt is happy with the way we're handling it. She had to remind Adam again to bring back the stuffed animals. Did I mention that before? He took all the stuffed animals because his wifey-poo wanted them all. Dayna didn't get to look at any of them and I only got two before he got his hands on them. I took a stuffed dog I bought for Grandpa while he was in the hospital, so that has sentimental value for me. I also took a little white bear that says "World's Best Grandma", I got that for her :3

So Adam should be bringing them back so we can go through them. It's sad how Adam and Elena have entitlement issues, Elena is bitching about how Aunt Sandy took more sculptures then they did. Hmm, the sculptures Aunt Sandy took were for all four of them (her, Uncle Danny, Ben, and Dayna), not just for her. She took about 10, maybe more. Adam and Elena took 10 sculptures too, just for the two of them. Mom took 4 and me? I have 3. I wanted a cat sculpture but Adam said "no, I want it more". Then he tried taking a piece of wall art from me but I didn't let him. Anyway, Adam basically thinks because he's the oldest he can basically try to take what we already claimed. It isn't about the materials, it's about the memories. As for the dish ware, that's about setting Dayna and myself up with some stuff for our future apartments so we don't have to get new stuff.
Adam and Elena have their own dish ware and they did take the bar glasses, but they keep trying to take everything. Then Adam called up and when he found out we were going through the jewelery he got pissed off, that his wifey-poo deserves some. Well yes, I suppose she has a right as the wife of a grandson but Dayna and I are the grandchildren. We as well as Aunt Sandy and then mom have first choice over that. Hell, we put some stuff aside for Elena that we thought she'd like but Adam still got in a snit. Both Dayna and I took jewelery boxes, I decided on the smaller one because of the blue felt interior, and Dayna does have more stuff then me so it's all good. I took this really heavy box that has Chinese dragons on the side, woot!
We found two jade rings and both took one, we're pinky ring twins now hehe. Dayna also found five heart pendants, two with onyx and silver, two with jade and silver, and one silver. Dayna and I will be taking the two jade, mom and my aunt will take the onyx, and Elena will take the silver one. We'll take them in and put them on chains, it'll go to the women in the family basically and then we'll pass them on to our daughters, daughter-in-laws, whatever. I also found some earrings that my grandma always wore, they're kind of gaudy but she wore them constantly and Dayna didn't really remember her wearing them so I took them for the sentimental value. They're for pierced ears so I'll have to get them converted for me if I plan on wearing them. We got some more stuff that I'll post pictures of. Nearly everything needs polishing and Grandma threw nothing out! We found some broken chains, some earring backs with no attaching earring, etc.

We also found this toy that all us grandkids played with in the give away box. No way is that being given away! It'll go to Adam's kid first and work it's way from there, all of us will have our children play with it. It will stay in the family and Adam better be prepared to pass it on, that's the plan for it! We're all going to go through the pictures when Uncle Danny and Ben come down and will make copies for people who want (while the original picture goes to whoever, did that make any sense?). I'm still keeping my fingers crossed for at least two pictures of Ben and I together when we were young, there's so many of Dayna and I and that's wonderful but I also want some with my other cousin. Here's hoping!

Anyway, so Dayna and I had some bonding time without me being distracted by my other cousin, haha. I adore Ben but it was nice bonding with Dayna, we don't get enough time to do that. We watched Spongebob together xD

Now I am sitting in the kitchen on the laptop. AT&T still doesn't know what's going on with my internet. We're thinking of getting wireless, having my old Dell tower hooked up to the modem and connecting my desktop and mom's laptop to the same connection. We'll have to figure that out, it'll be very convenient.

I have to pick up mom from work in about a hour. Speaking of driving, I'll be taking a turn or two on the drive up, possibly during a stretch that is easy and mild. Mom learned how to drive highways when her family moved here by driving from Chicago. So I'll get comfortable on highways (and possibly the freeways) on the drive up.

I needed some new sunglasses because my clip-ons don't fit on my thick frames so we went to Wallgreens. I picked up a pair that just goes over your prescription glasses, they're cool too. They're pretty big and Bono "The Fly" like (some of you like reallycorking will know what I'm talking about) but I love them! :D


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No Pains, No Gains
Fri, Jun. 29th, 2007 07:15 am (UTC)

Oh, I wish I had "the fly" glasses iconed, woe! But yeah, I think you need to post a photo of yourself wearing those bigass sunglasses. HEE.

Agent 27
Fri, Jun. 29th, 2007 08:00 am (UTC)

I got rid of my Fly Bono icon, I should bring it back.

I will so be taking photos of myself in those glasses :D

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Officer Kelli
Mon, Jul. 2nd, 2007 05:57 am (UTC)

You should just pierce your ears...it doesn't hurt much...;)
I can't believe Adam, wtf. I don't even want to go into it, but he is obviously a miserable person if he treats people like he does and acts like he does. And about the cake? That's horrible. It's your BIRTHDAY. No one has the right to say shit on your birthday. I'm just glad he didn't get the chance to, but we all know he would have...:(
I think you should have taken all the jewelry and just tell Adam you were acting like him...:P
Wireless is super convenient, I hope you get it...
That's cool you got to spend time with your cuz...I wish I could see some of mine...
I remember when I first drove on the freeway...we were driving to San Diego to visit grandma and I was 15...good times...;)
HAHA OMG I know the glasses you are talking about. My great grandma used to wear those...awww I miss her...:)

Agent 27
Mon, Jul. 2nd, 2007 07:42 am (UTC)

I've pierced my ears twice now, the skin continues to close over the earrings no matter what I do so I say 'screw up' :P

My mother says he's 'pussy whipped' and though I hate that term, I gotta agree with it...to a point. He's always been demanding and has had control issues but it's gotten worse since Dad died and even more so since he got married.
We were out to dinner tonight and he said a typical 'I'm your brother and this is my kind of joke thing'. I said something to Ben along the lines of "you can afford to have some of this pasta, I can't because of my size." Adam replied with "yeah, fat and ugly". That's his idea of a joke, I could tell by the way he said it. Well he got laced into by everybody :P
Well we split the jewelry between Dayna and myself. My mom and Elena got some so Adam can't really bitch about it :P

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Officer Kelli
Tue, Jul. 3rd, 2007 02:22 am (UTC)

Ah...well how long did you wait until you took your earrings out? I know some people take awhile to heal so they have to leave their earrings in extra long. I had mine done when I was 3 months old, so I didn't have anything to do with it...;)
But my cartillege earrings took FOREVER to heal so I just never take them out just in case. Same with my belly ring...
Yea sounds like it. I love that term, but seriously the guy needs to grow up and grow some balls instead of taking it out on other people. Justin is the same way, but he is not mean to others about it.
I wish your dad was around to talk to him, that must be hard.
Um that is NOT a joke. :P Ass. You know, you can eat what you want, just smaller portions. I eat pasta all the time, I just make sure to put tons of veggies on it so I won't eat as much. I've lost some weight since I work my ass off all day with barely a break so I'm not too upset. Having a job really helps me curb the food cravings, I don't have time to be hungry...:P
I'm glad everyone told him off...

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Agent 27
Mon, Jul. 2nd, 2007 07:50 am (UTC)

I might pierce them again soon but I have to get something taken out of my ear before I do that. I think it's a part of earring, it's been in my ears for years :P

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Officer Kelli
Tue, Jul. 3rd, 2007 02:24 am (UTC)

um gross?

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