Agent 27 (witherwings7) wrote,
Agent 27

What is the meaning of you LJ name?

My Lj name is witherwings7. When I changed my LJ name I wanted it to be Potter related but not obvious. In Half Blood Prince Dumbledore tells Harry that they renamed Buckbeak since the Ministry is still out to get him. I adore Buckbeak (and Fawkes and Hedwig, lol). So, since I love Buckbeak I figured I change my username to Witherwings. The '7' is because 'witherwings' was already taken and if I had to use a number I wanted it to have meaning. The number 7 is a highly magical number and it also has a lot of meaning in Potterverse.

Tell me why/how you came up with your LJ username, comment in this entry please, and post in your own journal if you'd like. Then tag 10 people to do it.

I tag the monster in my closet, the dust bunnies, the creepy dude living down the block, and anybody else that wants to do it!
Paris is out of jail
Woop de doo.

Family issues suck, will update that later.
Tags: livejournal, memes quizzes and surveys
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