Agent 27 (witherwings7) wrote,
Agent 27

an update!

I got an Exceeds Expectations on my W.O.M.B.A.Ts!!!

I haven't been able to get online on my desktop and AT&T doesn't know why either. Grrr!
So I've been going online on my mom's laptop and it's such a pain, it's so slow and I have a little difficulty typing on the keyboard, I'm getting better at it though heh.

Anyway, I called my therapist today to cancel my appointment and told him I would be finding a new therapist. I was very nice about it.
I called Kaiser to find a new therapist and I'm seeing him next week.

Well, Steve called and basically laughed about it. Said "oh, you were saying this for months. You need to come in today since we both know you didn't make that appointment."
I called back and told him I did make the appointment and I was not coming in."Don't lie, we both know this is an excuse because I say things you don't want to admit." blah blah blah.
He expects me to just go there but I'm not going. He can waste that hour instead of being logical and opening it up for somebody that needs it. I won't be there when my appointment starts and he'll be pissed but it will not be my fault since I left him a message last night.

My cousin Dayna and my aunt are coming in this week to clean the house up. Then next week my uncle and Ben are coming in! I haven't been able to talk to him much lately, he lost his cell phone in his "horrid room" (his words) and he hasn't been online a lot lately. I miss my cousin! Hopefully he'll find his phone but even if he doesn't, he's coming down here for a week! Omg, and then I'm going to the premier of OotP and the next day mom and I are driving up to Oregon. I'm so excited!
We might go to this rose festival in Portland. Which one of you lives in Portland? I know one of you ladies do! Ben and I will go see OotP on the 11th, he might bring his Potterphile friend, always nice to meet a new Potterphile!
I'm so excited over the premier, I don't have my hopes up for anything but I am definitely taking my camera xD
Tags: ben, computer issues, family, ootp premier, oregon, therapy
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