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more cricket!Dan photos and....PHOTO SNARK!!!

Some more photos of Dan playing cricket here!!!
I put two or three behind the cut and underneath that is my next installment of OotP photo snark!
One of the photos actually made chills go down my spine x_x

Goofy face! :D

He's determined!

*bursts out laughing*
Oh Dan, you don't care if the whole world can see you, gotta protect your assets! *pets him*

It's time for snark!

Sirus: Harry watch out, the locked door just got opened and it contained...
Harry: No..!!
Sirius: FANGiRLS!
both: AHHHH!!!!
Me: Run boys, run!

Hermione: Hagrid, where did you get those bruises?
Hagrid: Eh? Oh, it's nothin', don't you fret!
Ron: Yeah right!
Harry: What sort of kinky games do you and Madame Maxime get up to Hagrid?!
Me: Awww, Harry looks so small and cute :3

Remus: Harry, don't listen to the Daily Prophet.
Ron: Yeah, nobody will believe that!
*somewhere in Ireland* Seamus' mam: Seamus I want you to stay away from that Potter boy!
Harry: Wow, this photo is good. Gee, I miss my hair.
Me: I miss your hair too *pets*

All the kids: REDUCTO!!!
Hermione: That'll slow them down!
Harry: Whoever thought the Blue Man Group would join Voldemort!
Me: Oooo, shiny big balls! Seriously though, I like this set =3

Harry: What on earth is that!?
Luna: It's a theastral
Harry: Are you sure? It looks more like a dinosaur!
Luna: No, the dinosaurs are hiding out on an undiscovered planet.
Harry: O.o
Me: It looks like the baby stegosaurus from Jurassic Park II!!!!

Voldie: Im in ur Ministry, possessing ur heros.
Me: OMFG!!!! I literally gasped out loud and a chill ran down my spine when I saw this picture! His expression...his eyes!!!
Is it terribly wrong that after I got over the scariness of this picture that I found it...kinda hot? It's more disturbing then hot though, hehe.
I cannot wait until that scene! O_O

I had to make an icon out of that picture.
Oh, I made this public because I know there's some people not on my f-list that look at my snark posts.
Tags: dan radcliffe, eye candy, i'm a geek, ootp movie, photo snark
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