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im on ur planet, breathing ur air

I'm a bit too tired to do a real update right now but there are a few things...

I got an early birthday present yesterday from one of my friends. I opened it up and shrieked..I'm not sure from fear or happiness, haha!!! I put what she gave me behind a cut...if you have a phobia of dolls, don't click the link.

I took two pictures of Spencer, they aren't anything special except they're Spencer. The Spencer photos are first so you can skip over the present shots if you hate\fear\eat dolls.

He couldn't be bothered to lie on one pillow, no he had to sleep on both pillows so he was tilted. Of course I couldn't make my bed because of this (notice the lack of sheets and pillowcases).

Don't scroll past this line if you don't want to see the thing...

It's a Harry doll from the third task of GoF! This doll both makes me laugh and creeps me out. It's a doll..and it has those piercing eyes which tend to stare at you but it's also kinda cute. I call him my little Emo!Harry (even though I hate the term 'emo', I use it in joking terms). He has the black lipstick look, he's pale so his scar shows vividly, and he looks like he has kohl around his eyes. He took the death of Cedric harder then we all thought, hehehe.
I love this doll and when I don't play with it (basically me holding it), I keep it in the box so it stays in good condition. The nose is pretty darn acurate which is funny because how sad is it that I can say 'this doll's nose looks just like Dan's!' XD
Yes that's the OotP book, I'm nearly done with it! :)

Tags: birthdays, fangirl squee!!!, my photos, omgwtfbbq, random, spencer
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